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The Best Toy Ever!

June 29, 2011

-By Stella

One of my co-stars of UnLEASHED, Jennifer Hall, just introduced us to the best toy ever! While selling her jewelry at trade show in LA, she met three guys whose college class project led them to develop the best toy ever, The Dura Doggie.

Twenty percent of their profit goes to the charity. The best part is that you get to choose which charity! The toys come in four colors, each representing a different and very important cause. Pink is for fighting breast cancer, blue is for saving animals, green is for saving and conserving the planet, and orange is for fighting diabetes.

My favorite toy is called the “Beba”. It’s a treat dispenser and a squeaky toy! WHAT? Food and squeaking…two of my favorite things!

Me & my Beba

The Dura Doggie is also recyclable and made in the USA. It smells so good too, well until I get my paws on it. Waffles and I love to play with them when the director says “Take 5” on the set. We usually take 30, but that’s another story. They’re a great stress release from our very busy days as dog actors.

Waffles & his Dura Doggie

Obviously every dog needs a toy or two so you might as well buy one that will make a difference. “Chews” a good toy and “Chews your Cause.”

Check them out at…

From → Stella

  1. These toys are amazing! The dogs love them and they can’t destroy them right away!

  2. It makes me wish I had a dog:( What a great cause though! Let me know when Waffles and Stella eat through theirs, I will buy them a new one!

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